Notes from Kleiner's Korner
Week 9: Opening Day Preparations

April 4, 2023

This week, we talk about the importance of getting READY for Opening Day 2023.  At this point, you should all be in game ready mode.  Reviewing rules, rule changes, getting uniforms ready, clean and pressed, shoes shined, hats crisp are all part of being game ready.  I stand by my statement and teachings for nearly 30 years – “Look like you belong, look like you could slip into a MLB game unnoticed” and I promise you, you will buy the first 2-3 innings of respect from all participants.  After that, it is how you perform your job.

I encourage you all to prepare with the above, but equally as important is your nutrition, hydration, stretching and rest over the next few days.  If you do not prepare with these health related items, I guarantee, you will be sorry on Tuesday. Regardless of how in shape you may be or not, you will be using muscles you may have forgotten you even have and without these four items of prep, you will be sorry.

I encourage you all to join our ZOOM Sunday evening.  This is NOT mandatory.  This is for some final reminders, Q&A and an overall well wish from myself and my team for a great 2023.
The “Road to Delta Dental” begins Monday!!

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