Umpire Development Program (BUD) Overview


Anyone who would like to enhance their skills will be welcomed at our classes. We provide instruction and evaluation for all class members. Candidates that strive for membership in NHBUA are required to pass a field test before they are invited to sit for the written test on National Federation rules. Success in both evaluations results in an invitation to become a member in the NHBUA. Those trainees striving to improve their skills for use in local summer programs, Little League, Babe Ruth, etc., benefit from the personalized instruction provided by professional trainers.

2021 Apprentice Group: L-R, Mark Lorden, Kevin Flynn, Zach Theriault, Kevin Rourke, Jon Barry


Instruction is provided in the following categories:

  • Field Mechanics (two-man system & signals, plate & base mechanics)
  • National Federation Rules
  • The Ethics of Officiating (mental approach and attitude)
  • Responsibilities of NHBUA membership (concern about the product we provide)
  • Umpiring Essentials (appearance, equipment, improvement, crowd control, listening skills)


Each of our trainers are qualified and experienced tournament umpires willing to spend the time needed to improve the skills of all members in the program. Each participant receives an equal opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge required to become a respected member of the umpiring community in New Hampshire. Classes provide individualized instruction in the topics listed above. Pitching machines and video analysis are used to provide consistency in learning plate mechanics and the strike zone. Small group instruction allows members to zone in on personal concerns and get answers to questions.