How much does it cost and when should I register?

The cost for new candidates is $40. Enrollment is Open Ended.  Please email Baseball Umpire Development Director, for class availability.

Do I need to attend every class?

We understand that today's schedules require more time than ever. The important thing is that a successful candidate will be able to to umpire with confidence and control a game through his/her knowledge of the rules and overall game management. The criteria for that evaluation is the framework for this class. By experiencing those criteria you increase your chances for success. There are no attendance requirements for the classroom phase of the program.

What will I need to have for the first class?

You will need only an open mind to learn the true aspects of umpiring and remove any previous thoughts you may have had as to how to properly umpire baseball games at the High School Level.

What are Federation rules?

Baseball is a complicated game. The Major Leagues use the Rules of Professional Baseball and all other forms of the game use these rules with modifications. NH High Schools use a modified code governed by the National Federation of State High School Associations. This code is based on the MLB code with some major and minor differences.

When will the classes be held?

Classes will begin each February and run through the end of March. Beyond that, there will be only optional opportunities to attend a zoom type class periodically as the season progresses.

Where do I get the equipment I will need?

We will review in the first week of class for proper equipment and uniform needed as well as the various suppliers to purchase from.

How do I get games to work?

Regional assigners throughout the state can assign JV games to members of candidates in our class. Class lists are distributed to each region after the first class. Usually, middle and junior high schools assign their own games. You can make yourself available to work those games by calling local schools.

Do I have to be available to work games everyday in April and May?

You decide when you can work and how far away you can travel for a game on any given day. We urge all candidates to work as many games as they can. Before the season begins you will fill out an Availability Form to identify those days you can work. This form will be updated throughout the training period.

Should I have any experience before I start this program?

Actual game experience is not required. In fact, no experience means no bad habits to break.