Notes from Kleiner's Korner

Welcome to Kleiner's Korner. I hope that you find this page helpful and informative as it will contain important information and video content to help you through the high school baseball season. Please use this as a resource throughout the year.

Game Management

April 25, 2024
Game management is not only dealing with discipline but also game situational awareness.

Preparing for Opening Day

March 22, 2024
It is critical that you do not wait until the weekend before to get your equipment and uniforms out of hibernation.

Electronic Devices

February 29, 2024
New for 2024 is the permitted use of one-way electronic communication devices.


February 21, 2024
New for 2024 is an OPTIONAL lighter weight convertible jacket. This is a very lightweight shell that has removable sleeves and can be worn in place of our heavier jacket or shirt.

Whats New in 2024

January 25, 2024
Two links from Umpire Classroom. Our valuable partner in the GHSA is a great resource to stay up to date. These two videos are all about new rules and points of emphasis for 2024.


December 12, 2023
Please ensure your Arbiter is current with your availability as our assigning team is already getting schedules prepared.


November 21, 2023
The 2024 season is much closer than you may think and it is not too early to start preparing both physically and mentally.

The Tool Belt

May 15, 2023
Proper use of the “Tool Belt” handling disqualifications and restrictions

Communication of Hand Signals

May 1, 2023
Proper communication through hand signals is critical to a smooth coverage

Simple Reminders

April 24, 2023
Basic Reminders on Rotations and Managing Coaches

Game Management and Game Flow

April 18, 2023
Understanding your role of importance in proper game management and flow.

Opening Day Takeaways

April 12, 2023
Opening Day Takeaways- Ensuring Consistent Enforcement

Opening Day Preparations

April 4, 2023
The importance of preparing properly for Opening Day.

Importance of Good Timing

March 27, 2023
The difference between an "umpire" and an "elite umpire" can be a simple as proper timing.

Time Limits – SUB VARSITY

March 20, 2023
This week, we talk about the new time-limits for sub varsity games.

Emphasizing the importance of being STOPPED and STILL on force plays

March 15, 2023
In order for an umpire to increase his odds for getting a force play correct, it is best if he is in the optimal position to view the play. He must be stopped and still.

Taking BR into 3rd from "A" Position

March 5, 2023
When taking a runner around from "A" position, it is imperative to see everything

Understanding the importance of Rest and Sleep - Dr. Ramos, NCAA Umpire Staff Physician

March 3, 2023
A video that was shared with the NCAA at our most recent clinic regarding the importance of sleep and rest.

Fly Ball Coverage

February 28, 2023
The basics of fly ball coverage and understanding the "V"

Player Positioning Prior to Time of Pitch and Time of Pitch

February 14, 2023
This video illustrates legal and illegal player positioning at the Time of the Pitch

2023 Rule Changes

February 14, 2023
2023 NFHS Baseball Rule Changes, rules knowledge is paramount in our success on the field this season. It can get tricky as most have to know multiple rule sets

Mound Visits

February 8, 2023
This article talks about mound visits and the proper way to handle, as well as the proper way to position during conference