Lakes Region Prep League NFBR Exceptions

Used at HOME games in this league

All umpires working games in the Lakes Region Prep League will use the following rules exceptions. This league is composed of the following schools:

  • Brewster Academy
  • Cardigan Mountain School
  • Holderness School
  • Kimball Union Academy
  • New Hampton School
  • Proctor Academy
  • Tilton School

These rules exceptions are for games played at member schools.

(Should you umpire a game at a NH high school field in which one of these member schools is the visiting team you will disregard the exceptions and work the game under the Federation guidelines)


  • The batter, on-deck batter and runners on base must wear a double-ear flap helmet while the ball is live. (Base coaches will not be included in this governance)
  • Batter-runners that have just been put out and are returning to the dug out (and are in the vicinity of the dugout), are not subject to this rule.
  • Retired runners still in the infield will be governed by the rule.
  • Concerning the catcher's protection;  the skull shell shall be deemed acceptable to use with a face mask, even if it doesn't have the NOCSAE seal, so long as it isn't cracked or broken (including the interior padding).


  • Jewelry may be worn by any position player, except if the batter or umpire find it distracting.
  • Pitchers may not wear distracting jewelry.
  • PENALTY; the umpire will order the distracting item removed; if the wearer refuses, he will be ejected.


  • All ejections, restrictions, unsportsmanlike behavior or disciplinary issues must be reported to the president of the Lakes Region Prep league.
    Mr. Rick Eccleston
    Phone: (603) 779-5371


  • Varsity teams will use the -3 bat.
  • Sub-varsity teams may use the -3 bat.


  • Coaches will not be required to wear the uniform of the team but must present a professional appearance. They will be dressed in appropriate team colors. Shorts are prohibited.