Important Dates to Remember

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the NHBUA will be conducted in person at 10 AM, Sunday, March 19 at NHTI, Concord.

Annual Rules Interpretations

There will be three Rules Interpretations provided by Terry Dostie with Mechanics by Jeff Kleiner.

  • February 5, 9:00 AM, Pembroke academy. Coaches will also attend this meeting.
  • March 19, 10:00 AM, NHTI, Concord as part of the NHBUA Annual Meeting.
  • March 26, 10:00 AM Pinkerton Academy.

Crews who worked the state championship games.

Division I
Phil Levesque (Crew Chief) Jim Walsh Gordy Schupmann Adam Marcoux

Division II
Brian Troupe (Crew Chief) Terry Dostie Brian Smith Barry Reynolds

Division III
Adam Rozumek (Crew Chief) Dave Webster Ernie Gallant Marc Craigue

Division IV
Bruce Mason (Crew Chief) Rusty Tattersall Chuck Goodwin Steve McCormick

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