Important Dates to Remember

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the NHBUA will be conducted on Zoom on March 21. Invitations to attend the meeting will be out prior to that date.

Annual Rules Interpretations

There will be two Rules Interpretations by Zoom provided by Terry Dostie with Mechanics by Jim Fletcher

  • March 7 at 10:00 separate Zoom invitation
  • March 21 as part of the NHBUA Annual meeting

Terry has agreed to present a rules review from the last few years as most members have not worked in over a year.

Crews who worked the state championship games.

Div 1: Phil Levesque, Gary Noyes, and Jim Walsh

Div 2: Dave Witham, Dominic Rovetto, and Kevin Bolduc

Div 3: Dave Webster, Rich Driscoll, and Jim Nelson

Div 4: Doug Stevens, Rick Force, and Gordy Schupmann

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