Notes from Kleiner's Korner
Week 7: Time Limits – SUB VARSITY

March 20, 2023

Time Limits – SUB VARSITY

This week, we talk about the new time-limits for sub varsity games.  To clarify, this is in play for any NHIAA sanctioned SUB VARSITY ONLY contest.  The rule will be added to the      “Speed- up Rules” available in full or in part by MUTUAL AGREEMENT of both coaches.
Beginning with the 2023 season all sub varsity contests may play under a time-limit of 2:15, upon mutual agreement of both head coaches. It shall be a “no new inning to start beyond 2:15 of play”. This shall be added to the current policy of the “optional” speed-up rules that are reviewed prior to any contest for use in full or part thereof.  This policy is ONLY applicable to NHIAA sanctioned Sub-Varsity contests and may never be used in Varsity contests.
Implementation of Procedure
Upon mutual agreement of the coaches (or school administration) that the time-limit will be in play for that contest then:

  1.  The Umpire in Chief shall confirm the official start time with both coaches, which shall be at the conclusion of the pre-game plate meeting.  The home coach or game administrator shall be the official watch/clock to use.
  2. The Umpire in Chief should check with the official watch every 3 innings to get an idea where the game stands.
  3. The Umpire in Chief shall notify both coaches of 30 minutes remaining, 15 minutes remaining and possible last inning of play.
  4. The Umpire in Chief shall make it clear that it is not a “drop dead” time simply that we will not start any NEW full inning beyond 2 hours and 15 minutes of play, regardless of tie game or not.
  5. All umpires shall work the game as to the wishes of the coaches and shall not interject their opinion of playing with or without the time limit.


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