Notes from Kleiner's Korner
Week 14: Proper use of the “Tool Belt” handling disqualifications and restrictions

May 15, 2023

This week, I want to review the proper use of handling a coach ejection vs restriction as well as other disqualifying actions.

  1. We have a “unique tool” to use that is applicable the Federation only rule set and should be used whenever possible.  This is not a tool to be used 100% as many instances require an immediate ejection, i.e., physical contact, direct profanity, prolonged arguing, etc.
  2. The process for using this is similar to when we tell the kids in the back seat – “stop it or I will turn this car around right now.”  We need to ensure we tell a coach “that’s enough”, then we go to “COACH, THAT’S ENOUGH”.  If the coach wants to go more, this is the “Coach, you are restricted to the dugout” time.  At this point, the entire decision on whether the coach wants to stay or go falls solely on that coach. 
    In most every instance, the coach at this level understands the rule and will take it to the “restriction” point.  They now know that they have pushed the envelope to the max and the rest is on their shoulders now.

  3. Malicious Contact needs to be viewed as exactly as the description is.  Should a player “truck” another player, this needs to be called 100% of the time.  Malicious contact is a dead ball, automatic out and ejection.  Be very careful of malicious vs interference.
  4. Profanity.  The use of profanity at the HS level is unacceptable, however know your surroundings.  Is the participant screaming it so the entire park hears it or is he frustrated with himself and it is confined to a small area?  If the later, a warning is sufficient. If the prior, there is no choice and the ejection is obvious.
  5. Equipment Throwing.  Helmets, bats, gloves thrown in anger, whether at themselves or at you, are clear cut ejections and need to be handled as such.


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