Notes from Kleiner's Korner
Week 13: Proper communication through hand signals is critical to a smooth coverage

May 1, 2023


This week, I want to review the proper hand signals to be using in communication with your partner.

We no longer “Mirror” each other.  It is the responsibility of each umpire to signal to the base (or side of the field) they are covering.  Each umpire needs to be sure they know where the other is going so mirroring, although once a thing, makes zero sense and we do not use that method.

Example 1:  Runner on first.  PU points towards 3rd and BU points towards first.  Exception is when there are 2 outs with a 3-2 count. PU stays home and BU has all base coverage.  You need to read the play from contact and adjust from the working area.

Example 2:  Runner on 1st and 2nd less than 2 outs.  Both use “shooter sign” pointing with right hand straight up (shoulder height) signaling infield fly is in place.  Then double tap fists together with index finger out indicating PU has tag up runner going to 3rd and BU has tag up runner going to second.  BU should be moving towards “B” position to take runner back to first or into second.

Example 3:  Runner in scoring position (2nd OR 3rd) both umpires tap under right wrist and flick straight down.  This is indicating a potential time play and each umpire stays in position.  BU will cover all bases and drift toward where the play is taking you.

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