Notes from Kleiner's Korner
Week 12: Simple Reminders on Rotations and Managing Coaches

April 24, 2023

This week, I want to review a basic coverage and game management reminders:

  1.  When you are in a rotation situation of R1 potentially going to third, you ONLY rotate on balls hit to the outfield.  If the ball stays in the infield, there is no PU rotation to third.  U1 has responsibility for all bases and PU stays home.
  2. When you are in B or C, maintain coverage of the “V” only on fly balls.  Fly balls that take the left or right fielder towards the line are the responsibility of PU.
  3. I am hearing and seeing an influx of coaches wanting to “check with your partner” on judgement out/safe calls.  We do not have replay in HS and we are not going to umpire by committee.  Do not allow coaches to force you to “check with your partner” on out/safe calls.  Make it very clear that this particular request is not allowed.  If they are questioning a swipe tag, pulled foot, malicious contact, etc., that is one thing, but we are not to review every close play for a different opinion.

Keep working hard!  I have received plenty of positive communication on umpiring this season from coaches, AD’s and other umpires.  This is great.  Continue to read the rule and mechanic books as well as all instructional video you can find. 

If you need anything or any help, please reach out to me.

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