Notes from Kleiner's Korner
Week 1: Mound Visits

Feb. 8, 2023

NHBUA Members:

Throughout the season, you will receive a message, via email, from me containing information that needs to be shared.  Some examples of what you may see in my weekly "KK" message may include important updates, sharing of some great things that I see when reviewing available game films, NHIAA issues, instructional videos, tips to help you continue to excel, or BUD updates.  The message might also be as simple as a check-in with you to see how the season is going and if there is anything I can do to help if you are struggling with a particular area.

I hope that you find each message helpful and informative.  Fortunately… or unfortunately, depending on your individual desire for these, I am all about over communicating.  I never want to hear "I wish I knew that" or "I never heard of that".  I want to share as much as I can from my experience over the years to help every member in the association be the best they can be.  I find communication is the key to that door.

For this week, I share a video from the Georgia High School Association, who do a fantastic job putting videos together.  This talks about mound visits and the proper way to handle, as well as WHERE TO STAND during.  Please review and remember this when on the field as it is a solid mechanic.

Mound Visit Tips and Mechanic Video


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