Notes from Kleiner's Korner

Preparing for Opening Day

March 22, 2024

With opening day just, a little over 2 weeks away, it is critical that you do not wait until the weekend before to get your equipment and uniforms out of hibernation or your nutrition and stretching programs to start. This preparation is not just for College or Professional level umpires. You must remember that the game you are umpiring is the most important thing for those student athletes for the few hours on the field. They are preparing and so should you!

You should ensure all your equipment is properly adjusted as we all have body changes from season to season. Make sure your pants and shirts are clean and crisp with proper fit. I highly recommend removing every item from your equipment bags and thoroughly inspecting them, then neatly place what you need back in with an organized approach. There is nothing worse, which seems to happen, than getting to the first game and forgetting something important.

There is plenty of time to order and receive what you may need to replace old uniforms or equipment if you start now. Nutrition, rest, and stretching are vital to your performance on day 1 as well as how you will feel the day after. If you start stretching daily, you will thank me later.

Please do not get up on game day and then decide it is time to do these things. We owe it to the student athletes, coaches, schools, and parents to be extremely prepared when we take the field. I wish you all a great opening day and 2024 season!



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