Notes from Kleiner's Korner

Electronic Communication Devices

February 29, 2024

Electronic Communication Devices: New for 2024 is the permitted use of one-way electronic communication devices. NFHS Rules 1-6-2 and 3-3-5 state; One-way electronic devices are permissible from the dugout to the catcher while the team is on defense for the purpose of calling pitches. When using the electronic communication device, the coach cannot be outside the dugout/bench area. PENALTY: The umpire shall issue a warning to the coach of the team involved and the next offender(s) of that team will be ejected along with the head coach.

Interpretation and clarification information: The only player on defense that may have this device is the catcher. Further, it is not limited to only the Head Coach. Any assistant or pitching coach can be the one using, however they must be in the dugout/bench area. No communication device can be used to the catcher from any player, coach, or spectator from outside the confines of the dugout/bench area which includes stadium or bleacher seating near the dugout area.



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