Notes from Kleiner's Korner

Off Season Tid Bits

Nov 21, 2023

The 2024 season is much closer than you may think and it is not too early to start preparing both physically and mentally.

There is one major rule change coming our way, which involves electronic communication devices.

Beginning in 2024, “a coach may use a one way electronic communication device to communicate with the catcher only for the purpose of calling pitches”.

We will go over this in detail at our interpretation meeting in March. Speaking of that meeting, we are going to have a special guest speaker attend, retired MLB Umpire Dale Scott. Dale will share some game management skills as well as share some stories over his long career. Dale is an unbelievable speaker and quite entertaining. So mark your calendars for the March 17 meeting, this one is not one to miss. The assigning team is working as we speak to have the 2024 schedules completed as early as possible, so please do your part and ensure your Arbiter is up to date and your NHIAA registration is completed. The Road to Delta Dental begins April 8th!

The Road to April 8th starts now!


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