Notes from Kleiner's Korner
Week 11: Understanding your role of importance in proper game management and flow.

April 18, 2023

This week, I want to review game management and game flow.  There have been several games reported with lack of game flow, games dragging, no urgency, etc.  I want to remind everyone that the NFHS Rule Book DOES IN FACT have a pitch clock rule, similar, but not exact to the NCAA Rule.

Rule 6-2-2 (c) – Delay of the game includes:
         Failing to pitch OR attempt to make a play, including a feint throw, within 20 seconds after the pitcher has received the ball.  Penalty: The batter shall be awarded a ball.
I am not looking for you all to be concentrating on a watch, but have the awareness if a pitcher is just abusing the situation.  You will only need to enforce this rule once and it will no longer be an issue, I promise.  Use your judgment and remind the coach and pitcher that he is taking too long and that will help.
We are also not seeing hustle and urgency between innings from the kids.  Between innings is ONE MINUTE from the first warm-up throw.  We need to encourage hustle on and off the field (remind coaches of this in your plate meetings).
Good game flow and management will allow for a more enjoyable game for you, the players and the parents.  Let’s keep them moving and ensure a smooth game.  Obviously use judgment based on weather.  Both ends of weather can impact this a bit, but it is still your responsibility to keep the game moving and on track.

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