Notes from Kleiner's Korner
Week 10: Opening Day Takeaways- Ensuring Consistent Enforcement

April 12, 2023

Opening Day Takeaways
Well, the road to Delta Dental Stadium has begun!!  All indications are we are off and running with very few issues so far.  Here are a few that have come up that I want to address.  These are items that need to be CONSISTENTLY enforced throughout the season.  I do not want to have an AD or Coach call me and say, “Well, the last umpires that were here allowed it.”  We need 100% enforcement and consistency without exception.

  1.  Dugouts:  Remember that ALL personnel needs to be within the confines of the dugout that the field presents.  In the dugout means just that.  If the stadium has dugouts that are true dugouts with the low protective fencing, they are allowed to be above that as long as they are in that dugout.  We had an issue at Alvirne where they have a temporary “coaches” bench outside the dugout and to the home plate side of their dugout.  This is NOT ALLOWED.  I have communicated to the AD and it will be corrected.  If you work at Alvirne, please ensure you continue enforcing this.
  2.  Jewelry: Please understand that the “new jewelry rule” DID NOT remove this from the rules.  You still need to exercise judgement and no jewelry that is distracting, excessive or dangerous is allowed.  Also, bandanas, that were considered jewelry last season, are still NOT ALLOWED.  Kids can wear a bandana under their hat/helmet, but CANNOT extend below the back of the hat/helmet.  NO TAILS
  3.  Pitcher Gloves:  We had 2 gloves – one worn by each pitcher in a sub-varsity game.  Rule 6-2-1(h) States “wearing a glove/mitt that INCLUDES the colors white or gray.  He 2 gloves bel0w used in a game today are ILLEGAL.  One is gray and the other (while blue), has significant white lacing.  Both are illegal to pitch with.

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